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Builder yallingup Yallingup New Home Build Porch View
Sunday, October 5th, 2014
Cape Constructions PO Box 105 Dunsborough, WA 6281

Yallingup Builder Cape Constructions – Working with you!

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYallingup is one of the jewels of South West WA and the Margaret River Wine Region, nestled in a pocket of land surrounded by national parks and the iconic Yallingup surf break.

Yallingup Builder – Cape Constructions has been building new homes, luxury new homes, renovations and wineries in Yallingup and the South West WA region for over 20 years. Charles Grist and his team take home many awards from the Master Builders Association South West awards night each year. They view each and every building project as an opportunity to win an award – no matter what the budget of the building project is.

Builder Yallingup – Climatic conditions considerations
The climatic conditions of Yallingup require some important things to consider when building in Yallinugup WA 6282. Below are just a couple to get you thinking about the design of your home.

For some great tips on home energy efficiency please this link:

The prevailing sea breeze winds of the summer from the South / South West directions can reach strengths of 35-40 knots+ on occasion and are a regular occurrence during most days of the summer. It is important to consider this when designing your home if you would like to take advantage of some free air conditioning during the warmer months. Alternately you may wish to consider creating an area in your home that is protected from these winds and create a calm, shaded and relaxing environment in an area of you home.

It is not only the summer winds to be wary of, winter in South West WA can be in the path of some serious storms. With the large cold pressure systems moving in off the Indian Ocean winds have been recorded around 145 km/h and can push over a 100 feet tall gum tree.

Careful consideration of the prevailing wind directions, their strengths and their ability to cause asset damage is a must when building in Yallingup and the South West WA Wine Region.

Energy EfficiencyBuilder yallingup Yallingup New Home Build Porch View
Taking advantage of the abundant natural energy such as the sun and the wind can be a great method of saving a lot of money on your heating, cooling and lighting bills.

Thinking about your normal habits within your home, where do you spend time in your home and at what times during the day are you in those locations? It’s healthy for the sunlight to wake you up in the mornings but also at night it is important to have a peaceful sleep so that you are rejuvenated properly. Things such as making your place of sleep in a location away from noise activity can greatly improve your sleeping patterns. Please see this link for more details – http://www.helpguide.org/articles/sleep/how-to-sleep-well-as-you-age.htm

10 Dress Circle 4Another very effective way of saving on energy consumption is to take advantage of the cool afternoon sea breeze that South West Western Australia is famous for. Once again consider where you will be spending time in your home in the time periods when the sea breeze is blowing. Thinking about those locations, would you like a home designed for you that can take advantage of the nice cool breeze during the hotter months in South West WA? No noisy Air Conditioning Unit to hear and great savings on your energy bills. Overall there is usually an amount of energy use required to live a comfortable life but if we all took some responsibility in reducing the amount of energy we use. If we all did this the result would be less pressure on our natural resources and our environment.

Yallingup Builder Cape Constructions have won awards for Energy Efficiency, to see our latest awards – click here.

These are just two of the things to consider when building or renovating to create an energy efficient home in Yallingup, Western Australia. If you would like to talk with someone who has the experience and knowledge of building an energy efficient home and all the latest products to achieve the best possible result then give Charles a call on 0429 020 958.

Yallingup Builder – Cape Constructions – www.capeconstructions.com.au

Friday, October 3rd, 2014
Cape Constructions PO Box 105 Dunsborough, WA 6281

Builders Eagle Bay – Home Building Tips

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Builders Eagle Bay – Cape Constructions have been building award winning  homes in Eagle bay for over 20 years now. When it comes to building in Eagle Bay there are a few important things to consider such as the direction you block faces, the type of ground underneath the soil and fire protection.

Builders Eagle Bay

Builders Eagle Bay – Cape Constructions – Energy Efficiency and Fire Safety Building Specialists

Land for sale in Eagle Bay
- Choosing your block of land to buy

Ideally a north facing block is the best block of land to
buy as it will give you the best chance of taking
advantage of the picturesque views of Geographe Bay.
However, there is also some great views of the
surrounding farm lands and native bush lands that are
also a beautiful scene to look out upon. Some of you
may even wish to have a bit of seclusion and privacy
and there are blocks of land for sale in Eagle Bay with
this characteristic too.

Wherever you buy land in Eagle Bay you will enjoy a short stroll to some of the most iconic northerly facing beaches Western Australia has to offer. Walk down to the local Eagle Bay Beach, Rocky Point, Point Picket, Bunker Bay and the famous Meelup Beach for a stroll along the beach, fishing, swimming, boating, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking  and surfing.

Earth Moving – Eagle Bay
There are a variety of different types of ground you can encounter when building in Eagle Bay and it is a good idea to check what the ground type of the land you wish to buy in Eagle Bay before purchasing.

Some areas are sandy with good drainage whilst other ares can be gravelly with clay deposits, rocky or even have large deposits of Granite just below the surface. So be sure to check below the surface of the land for sale in Eagle before making plans to build you new luxury home. The costs of earthworks and the position you are left to build on are something very worthwhile when considering the total cost of you house and land venture. For instance, lets say you wish to build into a sloping north facing block, the surface of the block may look like an easy earth moving exercise, but sometimes there can be very large Granite deposits just below the surface that could greatly blow out your earthworks budget.

Fire Protection – Builders Eagle Bay
Eagle Bay is in a valley surrounded by Class A Native Bush Reserves and large swaths of privately owned bush and farmland. When the Summer months come along the area is prone to bush fires. It does not take
long for the bush to dry out in most parts of Western Australia during the summer months and Eagle Bay
is no exception.

Careful planning of the location of your home site on your block is essential, the prevailing winds from
the North, East and South reach strengths of up to 40 knots+ sometimes during the summer period.
Combine strong winds, a dry bushland area and just one spark and Eagle Bay can become under
threat of a bushfire very quickly.

Choosing the right materials for you home when building in Eagle Bay is essential and Cape Constructions work closely with the City of Busselton to ensure all of the local rules are followed in regards to fire safety when building your home.

Please click on the link for detailed information from the City of Busselton regarding planning approvals – http://www.busselton.wa.gov.au/services/building_services

So when you have chosen you beautiful block of land in Eagle Bay give Charles from Cape Constructions a call on 0429 020 958 to have a friendly chat about your home building plans for Eagle Bay. And please see our website and read our testimonials to see what our clients have had to say about not only our workmanship
and completion to timeline but also the way in which we work with our clients to ensure the best possible
project outcomes.

We look at every residential or commercial building project as an opportunity to win an award for our work … and year after year we take quite a few home with us from the Master Builders Association South West
awards night!

Builders Eagle Bay

Builders Eagle Bay – Your Luxury New Home Builders – Cape Constructions

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